“Next I am definitely aiming to be in the top-100” – Ankita Raina to the press in National Games

In the 36th edition of National Games, we have India’s No 1 Tennis player Ankita Raina sharing her thoughts with us.

The games are returning after 7 years what’s the importance of National Games for the athletes like you ?

AR : I think events like National Games holds huge importance because this is the platform where all the athletes come together and showcase their talent. So I feel it’s also great opportunity for the young kids to come.

You have wins over big players like Sam Stosur and Sabine Lisicki, so who are your next target on the circuit ?

AR : Yes those wins matter a lot and have given huge boost to me for my game and the career. Next I am definitely aiming to be in the top-100. Play some great tennis and have some good results and win matches against top 50 players.

Q) Prime Minister Narendra Modi is encouraging athletes whenever they are going for some big events, he always interacts with them even when they are losing in that case also he meets them and encourage them. So what is the importance of those message and words of appreciation to the athletes ?

AR : I think it is great we have seen it so many times that PM Sir is interacting with athletes and not just after winning but also after close matches and I think that really matters. Because as athletes and as sporting team you are putting so much, years of efforts and hardwork and result & outcome is something that is not in your control. But giving the best when we are out there, the supporters and the audience can see we are giving our best. So those words of inspiration and motivation holds huge importance for an athlete.

See video interview below

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