1. It is an appreciable initiative. For last 29 years, I used to search news papers, websites, google etc to know the update about our tennis players. Even now, it is not very easy to look for latest information about each individual players. Indian tennis daily has filled the vacuum by provided latest information quickly.

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  2. I ran into your website accidentally today as I was trying to find out the tennis draw for the Asian games. Although a trifle disappointed not to find it (understandable as you are not in Indonesia), I spent almost an hour going through some of your match reports/interviews/articles and must compliment you for the quality. Particularly interesting was the two-part interview with Yuki Bhambri’s coach. I must, however, also express my disappointment at not finding a word on what’s going on with Yuki Bhambri. He has withdrawn from several tournaments he had entered, the last one being the one in Winston Salem. Does he plan on landing up for the U.S. open without any match play after the first-round Wimbledon loss? That would be such a pity. Or is he going to withdraw from the U.S. open too?

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