“Karman is moving in the right direction every year” – mentor Bhupathi

“As a parent, I can keep telling the whole world that my kid is very good at Tennis, and nobody would listen. But when a legend like Mahesh(Bhupathi) says the same, they will come out and support.” These words from Karman’s father, Mr. Chetanjit Singh Thandi, are enough to highlight the impact Bhupathi has had on young Karman’s career.

‘I chose the name ‘Astra’ which means the weapon of God (in Mahabharata) and she has indeed lived up to that name!’ – Mr Devdutt Sharma shares a brief perspective as a parent on the journey of Astra Sharma

Mr Devdutt Sharma provides a brief peek into the journey of Astra from a parent’s perspective, the impact of College tennis on her career, their Indian roots and how Astra has lived up to the name he had given her!