“Casper (Ruud) is fresh and will play all matches” – Norwegian captain ahead of Indian Davis Cup tie

Norwegian Captain Anders Haseth was firm in re-iterating that their ace player, Casper Ruud, who’s just arrived after his run to the US Open final, will have no trouble in playing 2 singles and 1 doubles match.

In a press conference, Mr. Haseth answered a couple of questions for ITD –

Q) Thoughts on the India tie. How do you assess the strengths and weaknesses of this Indian team?

AH – I think the strength of the Indian team is that they are very good in moving forward in the court. They are good serve and volley players. Their doubles team is quite strong. They have a lot of experience, all of them having played for many years.

Q) Casper Ruud just had a busy couple of weeks at the US Open. Do you expect to have him play both singles and doubles?

AH – He’s young, fresh, and strong. I don’t think he will have any problems in playing all the matches here.

Q) Casper’s favorite surface is Clay. So any reason why you chose Indoor Hard over Clay as the surface?

It’s an indoor match, so it’s tough to do it on clay. Besides, it’s tough to play in clay outside, given how cold it is. We are more concerned about how our team performs, rather than what suits India well. For us, it is okay to play on both hard or clay.

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