“Mr Kishor Patil is a visionary and I hope we as the players can achieve his dream” – Anirudh and Vijay on the Doubles Dream of India initiative

Vijay Sundar Prashanth and Anirudh Chandrasekar spoke to ITD after their semis loss at the ATP Wolfkran Challenger in Ismaning, Germany. 

Thoughts on the semis loss.

Anirudh Chandrasekar: It is definitely a tough match when you play big servers on carpet because the surface naturally itself is really quick. It was important for us to protect our service games and we knew what to expect going into the match. We had a proper game plan. In the first set we did everything right except for the service game that we lost. Unforced Errors cost us the game, but apart from that we had a lot of chances on their service games as well but we couldn’t capitalize on that. So it was definitely a tough match to digest but we got to move on.

Vijay Sundar Prashanth: Nothing, as Anirudh said it was a tricky match, fast surface. We played quite well and it was just a matter of few points and that’s doubles. Today they played the big points better. We had half chances and we didn’t take it, so that’s it.

So you both have had a pretty good season. You have reached near career highs this season. What are your thoughts on that?

It’s definitely a remarkable season for both of us. We did not expect this kind of rise when we started the season together. We are really happy with the way things have been and going forward we are definitely looking at bigger successes and breaking into the bigger leagues.

Plan for the off season?

First thing is for both of us to go home. This is the first full season that we’ve played. Playing 35-38 weeks, we’ve not done it before, so it’s kind of taxing on the body as well. So go home, take some rest and then decide on the off season. Hopefully it happens in India. We play the leagues first and then after that we’ll do our off season and get ready for the next season.

What are your goals for the next season? Have you thought about it?

We just want to finish this year and clear our heads and see where we are and then have our respective goals and perform.

Thoughts on the Doubles Dream of India. 

Vijay Sundar Prashanth: I think it’s definitely a great initiative and it’s happened to all of us. You can see the results of the series. The coach and the physio, I think it’s very important for us to travel and play in the professional circle. Hopefully we can add more players and get more coaching and physios and help us achieve our dream.

Anirudh Chandrasekar: Definitely a great initiative from Mr. Kishore Patil. He’s a visionary and I hope the players can actually fulfill his dreams. I’m really thankful.

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