“India is our lucky place” – 15 year old Brenda Fruhvirtova after winning the ITF W40 Bengaluru Open

She talks about how her elder sister Linda, who had won the WTA 250 event in Chennai last year, talked her into coming to India

At age 15, Brenda Fruhvirtova is definitely a name to watch out for in the next few years. Widely pipped as a Future Grand Slam champion, the younger Fruhvirtova came back from 0-6, 0-3 down against India No.1 Ankita Raina, eventually winning 0-6, 6-4, 6-0.

In a post-match interaction, Brenda shares her thoughts on the win and about India.

Q) How did you decide to come to India? Is this a secret sauce for the Fruhvirtova’s?

BF – There is no secret sauce (laughs). I have a limited number of tournaments to choose from, because of my age. Linda won the WTA 250 event here. She told me India is a lucky place for her and that it could be successful for me as well. I kind of believed that and decided to come here. And now I think India is our lucky place (laughs).

Q) There were a lot of youngsters cheering for you in the crowd today. How did that support feel?

BF – I think it’s probably because I am young. So they kind of look up to and maybe I am an inspiration for them. It’s great to see young boys and girls coming and cheering for me, even though I was playing against the India No.1. Although they were not always on my side (laughs). But it was great to have fans coming and cheering for me.

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