“We have always had the belief that we belong at this level”-Yuki Bhambri

Yuki Bhambri and Saketh Myneni stirred an upset against the formidable pair of Melo/ Zverev in the first round. Yuki shared his thoughts after the win. Excerpts:-

Q) This is your first win at the 500 level. Both of you will move to your career high rankings after this win. How does it feel?

Yuki: We are both pretty happy to progress to the next round and really get a chance to right the wrong. Every match at this level is really important to get our level up as well as really hard. Just happy to progress on to the rankings. We have been working really hard the last couple of weeks, throughout the whole year actually.

Q) You played against a formidable pair but came through comfortably in the end. Does this win give you confidence that you belong to this level?

Yuki: I think we have always had the belief that we belong at this level. It’s just a matter of time. We still need to keep working and keep improving and giving ourselves a chance to play and competing at this level in the 500s , ATP tour events takes up a step in the right direction to play the Slams, play the Masters and tour events.

Photo Credits- Krishnakumar

Q) You had a tough loss in the final qualifying round. How tough was it to get over that loss and close out the match today after failing to serve it out once?

Yuki: We obviously placed ourselves in a great position in the final qualifying round, but we didn’t go through and close out the match. Happy to be able to get a chance again and to be able to win this.A chance was given and we grabbed it with both the hands. So hopefully we can keep progressing in the tournament and keep taking chance.

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