“If anyone good out there is looking, hit me up” – says Arjun Kadhe as he looks for a permanent doubles partner

Arjun Kadhe has been on a roll in doubles this year, winning 1 title, making 2 finals and 1 semi-final on the ATP Challenger Tour. But funnily enough, each of these results have come with different partners. After his singles match at the ATP PMR Pune Challenger, Kadhe shares his thoughts on the idea of having a permanent doubles partner, playing singles on and off, and much more –

Q) You haven’t played much singles in the past. How easy/tough is it to play singles sporadically?

AK – I think it was fun. I was looking forward to this event. It’s not easy but I know I can play a good level of singles. It helps when I play only sometimes, as there aren’t any huge expectations. I like the competitiveness of singles. It was a tough match.

Q) You have been doing really well in doubles in the last few weeks. But with different partners – Anirudh Chandrasekar, Jay Clarke, Max Neuchrist, etc. Do you plan to get a more permanent partner?

AK – The eventual plan is to get a permanent partner. If anyone good out there is looking, please hit me up (laughs). It’s a process regardless. For me, it is important to have a fixed partner, but if I don’t find anyone food – I have to focus on my own game and keep improving.

Q) What are your goals for singles and doubles for this year?

AK – I would love to play singles whenever the opportunity arises. Especially in the qualifying of Challengers, in the mid part of the year when there are alternate spots.

For doubles, my only goal is to improve. I don’t know which side I am playing yet. If I am to get a permanent partner, I would like to improve on a certain set of skills. Ranking-wise, I don’t have a goal. I would love to break Top 100 as soon as possible and play the Slams, but there are not specific deadlines as such.

Q) Can you talk a bit about the support from Doubles Dream of India initiative?

AK – It’s a great initiative. I am really proud that it started from Pune. I would like to thank Mr. Kishor Patil, Mr. Abhishek Tamhane, and Mr. Rohan Bopanna – the pillars of the initiative. You will see now that all the doubles players from India are benefitting, as Abhi Sir, Balu Sir, are here. The atmosphere is different now. We are here as a team and it’s really motivating.

Q) What is your schedule going to be like for next few weeks?

AK – I am not sure yet. My passport is with the American Embassy and I am waiting for it to come back. So I will plan after.

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