“CHILDHOOD, DREAMS AND TENNIS” – A Story by Preethi Srinivasan

“Imagine being a starry-eyed kid and getting to hit with one of the most prominent players of Indian tennis in the Premier Tennis Tournament of India! Well, that’s what happened when I was 15!

Thanks to my mentor Mr. Vivek Reddy I had the amazing opportunity to hit with Rohan before one of his matches at the Chennai Open! What is amazing is that it was the year he went to the Australian Open for the 1st time! It is still fresh in my memory, how kind and encouraging he was and one of the best hits of my life because I was playing with someone we had all looked Upto. I don’t think I missed a ball and I’m positive I’d held my breathe as I wanted to exhibit my best as a tennis playing teenager.

Rohan Bopanna hitting with Preethi before his match at Chennai Open

Rohan Bopanna is a name to reckon with in Indian Tennis thanks to his phenomenal achievements on the international tennis circuit and what truly inspires me is that he is still active and making waves in this extremely competitive and physical sport and moreover giving back through the wonderful setup at RBTA.

Rohan with Preethi and other kids

My absolute gratitude and awe at the Universe for making a childhood dream come true was when Balu Sir called me regarding an opportunity at RBTA and after the required training and guidance from him and the Team at the academy, I have gotten an opportunity to make a difference with kids through tennis.

Recent Picture of Rohan and Preethi

I met Rohan a few days ago and told him my story and it truly was an absolute goosebumps moment for me to be working with someone I have looked upto. The Universe works in mysterious ways and I’ve seen first-hand that one should never stop believing in their dreams. As someone who loves tennis and children, I cannot be more grateful than the opportunity I have now to work with Rohan, Balu Sir and the team at RBTA.”

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