“Its been a phenomenal 2 weeks with Matwe Middelkoop” – Rohan Bopanna

Rohan Bopanna spoke to Sony Sports India Network and the press after his semis run. A transcript of the interview below

Thoughts on the semis. What are you going through right now?

Definitely gutted. There are so many scenarios through which the mind goes through on what could have been done better. However credit to our opponents for keeping a high percentage of 1st serve and and putting pressure on each and every service game of theirs for us to come up with the big returns. 

Initially we started off by returning well. Then at 3-3 in the second set, we had a big opportunity to break and unfortunately, we did not. The momentum started shifting a bit there. Once we lost the next game, they were back in the match. 

Having said that, even in the 3rd set, we did return well. Even at 5-6 when they were serving, we were really close and I missed an easy forehand there which could have put lot of pressure on them. 

Overall its been a phenomenal 2 weeks with Matwe Middelkoop. We have come through some really really hard matches. Today was one of those matches which didnt go our way. I am happy with the way we competed and looking forward to the next set of events. 

On the overall run to the semis. 

The way we started against the 2 young wild card teenagers – we slowly warmed ourself up into the tourney. Then beating the No. 2 seeds in the pre-quarters – we were down and out with a set and a break down and were able to come back. Even the quarters was a high octane match. There are times when this can catchup to you and today was one of those days. 

I am really happy to be back in the semis of a Grand Slam again. Yes its my first time here but first time for me overall at slams since 2015. It`s fantastic to be back playing at a good level. 

Matwe and me enjoyed it off the court as well and that is what has helped us this week. 

On the partnership with Matwe Middelkoop. 

It has been phenomenal. Anytime you have a partner who understands you on and off the court and you get along well, then it is more fun. That is what it was all about. We were enjoying ourselves, competing hard and pushing each other to the limits. That is what got us this far in the tournament. 

Photos by Luke Mayes

Indian based in the Alps region. Works for an IT firm during the weekdays und auch lernt Deutsch. On the weekends, he can be traced somewhere in the Mountains or on backpacker trips. Is a Social Worker / Activist with a deeper interest for Indian / Swiss tennis from the past year.

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