India beats Denmark in Davis cup to stay in group1 : Week of 28th February- Indian Tennis round up

Davis Cup

India beats Denmark 4-0 in group 1 playoffs on grass courts at Delhi Gymkhana Club to stay in group 1 this year. Danish #1 singles player who is ranked in top 100 Holger Rune did not make it to Delhi but Denmark still had Mikael Torpegaard who has been ranked close to 200 for last 2-3 years and their playing capain Frederik Nelson has been a Wimbledon doubles champion. So, we still needed to play at our best to beat them. Yuki, Ramkumar, Rohan and Divij did a great job. Rohan-Divij saved 3 matchpoints on Divij’s serve.

These are the results-

[S1] Ramkumar Ramanathan d. Christian Sigsgaard  63 62

[S2] Yuki Bhambri d. Mikael Torpegaard 64 64

[D] Rohan Bopanna / Divij Sharan d. Frederik Nelson / Mikael Torpegaard 67(3) 64 76(4)

[S3] Ramkumar Ramanathan d. Johannes Inglidsen 57 75 10-7

ATP Challenger Tour

Jeevan and Purav continued in Italy and Balaji too joined them playing along side a Croatian player. Both won their R1 match but lost against seeds in quarter final.

At Turin Challenger 80, Italy (Hard)

[R1] Jeevan Neduncheziyan (IND) / Purav Raja (IND) d. Franco Agamenone (ITA) / Juan Pablo Fichovich (ARG) 57 62 10-1

[R1] N. Sriram Balaji (IND) / Antonio Sancic (CRO) d. Marco Boltolotti (ITA) / Sergio Martos Gomes (ESP) 76(4) 63

[QF] Jeevan Neduncheziyan (IND) / Purav Raja (IND) vs (3) Sander Arends (NED) / David Pel (NED) 36 46

[QF] N. Sriram Balaji (IND) / Antonio Sancic (CRO) l. (2) Roman Jebavy (CZE) / Andrea Vavassori (ITA) 26 46

ITF Tour

Ankita Raina and Rutuja Bhosale moved from Kazakhstan to Australia to play couple of 25K tournaments in Bendigo, Australia and Sowajanya Bavisetti joined them there. We had a good week in Australia. Sowjany Bavisetti had a hugh upset of top seed and top 200 Korean player, Ankita also upset top 200 Australian and Ankita-Rutuja made it to doubles semi finals

These are the results-

At W25, Bendigo, Australia

[Q1] (6) Rutuja Bhosale (IND,498) d. Marne Dercksen (RSA,NR) 62 61

[Q1] (9) Sowjanya Bavisetti (IND,639) d. Nessa Pratt (AUS,NR) 61 60

[Q2] (9) Sowjanya Bavisetti (IND,649) d. (6) Rutuja Bhosale (IND,511) 75 75

[R1] (Q) Sowjanya Bavisetti (IND,649) d. (1) Sujeong Jang (KOR,181) 64 36 64

[R1] (8) Ankita Raina (IND,341) d. Kyoko Okamura (JPN,355) 61 46 63

[R2] (Q) Sowjanya Bavisetti (IND,649) l. Chihiro Muramatsu (JPN,360)  06 16

[R2] (8) Ankita Raina (IND,341) d. Destanee Aiva (AUS,452) 75 63

[QF] (8) Ankita Raina (IND,341) d. (2) Arina Rodionova (AUS,179) 64 26 61

[SF] (8) Ankita Raina (IND,341) l. (3) Asia Muhammad (USA,175) 06 16

[R1] (4) Ankita Raina (IND)/ Rutuja Bhosale (IND) d. Lu Jiajing (CHN)/ Abbie Myers (AUS) 63 63

[QF] (4) Ankita Raina (IND)/ Rutuja Bhosale (IND) d. Merel Hoedt (NED)/ Alexandra Osborne (AUS) 63 64

[SF] (4) Ankita Raina (IND)/ Rutuja Bhosale (IND) l. (2) Jaimee Fourlis (AUS) / Ellen Perez (AUS) 26 16

Other Indian players continues to play in Indian series which continued in Nagpur this week and finally an Indian won the singles title. 21 year old Sahaja Yamlapalli upset forth seeded Thai player, sixth seeded Jeniffer Luikham, second seeded Russian and fourth seeded German in back to back matches to win her first ITF singles title. Her Russian and German opponents in semi final and final retired mid way thru the match. But, still a breakthrough week for Sahaja.

These are results of our players this week in Nagpur-


Zeel DESAI IND d. Saumya VIG IND 60 61
Elena JAMSHIDI DEN d. wc Sudipta KUMAR IND 62 26 64
q Shreya TATAVARTHY IND d, q Jagmeet Kaur GREWAL IND 63 57 63
(7) Sathwika SAMA IND d. wc Adithi ARE IND 75 62
(3) Emily SEIBOLD GER d. Nidhi CHILUMULA IND 64 61
Shrivalli Rashmikaa BHAMIDIPATY IND d. q Sharmada BALU IND 64 63
wc Yubarani BANERJEE IND d. wc Ishwari MATERE IND 46 62 76(5)
(5) Vaidehi CHAUDHARI IND d. Soha SADIQ IND 64 63
(6) Jennifer LUIKHAM IND d. Arthi MUNIYAN IND 60 62
Humera BAHARMUS IND d. q Kashish BHATIA IND 63 64
(4) Punnin KOVAPITUKTED THA d. Akanksha Dileep NITTURE IND 76(3) 61
q Smriti BHASIN IND d. (8) Mihika YADAV IND 63 61
Sai Samhitha CHAMARTHI IND d. q Vanshita PATHANIA IND 46 63 61
Pratyusha RACHAPUDI IND d. q Avishka GUPTA IND 62 57 63
(2) Anna UREKE RUS vs q Niditra RAJMOHAN IND 63 61


  • Zeel DESAI IND d. Elena JAMSHIDI DEN 62 61
    (7) Sathwika SAMA IND d. q Shreya TATAVARTHY IND 64 62
    (3) Emily SEIBOLD GER d. Shrivalli Rashmikaa BHAMIDIPATY 76(4) 63
    (5) Vaidehi CHAUDHARI IND d. wc Yubarani BANERJEE IND 62 61
    (6) Jennifer LUIKHAM IND d. Humera BAHARMUS IND 26 63 61
    Sahaja YAMALAPALLI IND d. (4) Punnin KOVAPITUKTED THA 62 61
    Sai Samhitha CHAMARTHI IND d. q Smriti BHASIN IND 64 63
    (2) Anna UREKE RUS d. Pratyusha RACHAPUDI IND 36 63 63

[QF] (1) Zeel DESAI (IND,585) d (7) Sathwika SAMA (IND,969) 62 62
[QF] (3) Emily SEIBOLD (GER,750) d. (5) Vaidehi CHAUDHARI (IND.769) 60 67(5) 60
[QF] Sahaja YAMALAPALLI (IND,1293) d. (6) Jennifer LUIKHAM (IND,877) 64 64
[QF] (2) Anna UREKE (GER,651) d. Sai Samhitha CHAMARTHI (IND,1257) 63 63

[SF] (1) Zeel DESAI (IND,585) l. (3) Emily SEIBOLD (GER,750) 46 26
[SF] Sahaja YAMALAPALLI (IND,1293) d. ] (2) Anna UREKE (RUS,651) 63 30 retd.

[F] Sahaja YAMALAPALLI (IND,1293) d. (3) Emily SEIBOLD (GER,750) 65 retd.

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