Meet Tadeo and Andy – the two Argentinian fans of Sumit Nagal!

Tadeo and Andy have been the constant source of support for Sumit Nagal in South America.They can be seen on TV and in photos holding the Indian flag and cheering Sumit. 

In this brief interaction, Tadeo shares his and Andy’s connect with Sumit Nagal and some of their interesting experiences supporting Sumit so far. 

Tell me about yourself – what do you do and what is your connection to Tennis?

We are both students. I’m 19 years old and Andy is 21. Since childhood, both of us have been playing Tennis and we like to watch the tennis tournaments that are organised in the Buenos Aires region. 

You’ve been supporting Sumit since 2019. How did you know Sumit?

We met Sumit Nagal because he played a great match against Roger Federer at the US Open. So since that day, we started to follow him and a few months later, he came to Buenos Aires to play an ATP Challenger. 

So with 5 friends more, we went to see him at all his matches and he won the tournament!

Tadeo, Andy and friends with Sumit Nagal

What made you both decide to support him?

It was because he won a set against Roger Federer at the US Open. After his first match at the Buenos Aires Challenger, we were able to talk to him and take a picture. He is a really good person.

Tadeo with Sumit Nagal

Who arranged the flag for you?

We bought the flag before the 2019 Challenger final and then we brought the same flag to the ATP Argentina Open 2021.

Sumit has had a great run in Argentina in 2019. Any special moments from that run?

In his first match against Pedro Sakamoto (Brazil), he was one set down and one break down in the second set. We started to encourage him and he won the match. 

Then in the final against Facundo Bagnis (Argentinian player), the entire crowd was with Bagnis and only me and Andy were cheering Sumit. So when he won the match and the title, we were able to go down onto the court and take pictures with Sumit and the Trophy. 

Sumit gifted us his wristbands. Our friendship started from there!

Sumit Nagal gifting his wrist bands

Have you been to all his matches here in Buenos Aires?

Yes of course, it was sad when he lost against Ramos Viñolas because he had a chance to win in that match but it was a very good tournament for Sumit.

Do you follow Sumit’s matches and keep in touch with him throughout the year?

Yes we keep in touch through Instagram and of course follow his matches and encourage him always.

Have you ever been to India or have any plans to visit India?

I never went to India but my friend Andy – yes because his dad has to go for work a few times a year but if i have the possibility, I would love to go for sure.

Indian based in the Alps region. Works for an IT firm during the weekdays und auch lernt Deutsch. On the weekends, he can be traced somewhere in the Mountains or on backpacker trips. Is a Social Worker / Activist with a deeper interest for Indian / Swiss tennis from the past year.

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