Chai With Raja : Episode 7 – “Holy Cow”

On the heels of “Sundays With Purav”, “Chai With Raja” talks about topics more privy to Indian Tennis. “Chai With Raja” is a 7 part series coming your way to make your next seven Sundays exciting

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Those of you who know me well will know again that I am as far away from a nutrition genius or a health freak as one can possibly be in professional tennis. Since this is my last written blog, I am going to tell you guys about a little Raja secret and one of the things I despise the most(no it’s not the AITA), it’s actually a product known as cow’s milk.

I believe cow’s milk is the world’s best marketed and serves nothing but harm for all human beings and definitely athletes. It is scary to think that my Indian family, amongst millions of others, advocated milk in my childhood to be had as a cure to anything at all. I remember when I was feeling poorly at age 9 in school, one of my teachers sent me to the medical centre and the helper there gave me warm milk. It is safe to say that since then, me and lactose have had a very poor relationship.

From the common sense angle I also feel like if it’s not from your mother – it can’t be your milk. I am not vegan and don’t advocate one way or the other, but surely, cow’s milk was made to make a 40 pound calf into a 500 pound cow. Why are grown humans and athletes drinking this product and how are we letting milk companies advertise that it helps a longer life and brittle bones?? I would be willing to bet a lot of money that milk has not saved many lives or helped many injuries in athletes as it does not make any logical sense. Sadly, I am so against this idea that it’s samosa and Coca-Cola all day even nutrition wise if there is any milk involved for me. This does not mean I am right in any sense at all, it’s just that in the world we live in right now, do we really want to be relying on animals much longer for our daily health? In today’s age I read recently – whoever said one person cannot change the world, never ate an undercooked bat.

Needless to say, I do not own a cow. However, contamination in this industry seems to be rampant and a huge concern. After speaking with a few known nutritional experts they say gut health, acidity and belly fat seems to be some of the very common problems milk produces in our athletes today. Lastly, on a very generic note, I blame a lot of our fatal diseases today on our misguided knowledge in the meat and dairy sector. These are huge worldwide markets with exponential rises in the last few decades only making me think that these markets attribute massively to a rapidly growing number of our health issues in us as human beings, on the whole. Those age old myths of our grandparents drinking heaps of milk for their well being seem to be losing value rapidly in today’s society. However, things might have been different when people had their own cow at home.

Since this is just a fun blog about my tennis opinion, I look forward to seeing you again in my new avatar in the near future. I thank you all for reading my points of view on a bunch of random topics for the last few months. I hope the Chai has been drinkable. Finally, if there was one piece of valuable advise I could give all of my Indian tennis community to lead very successful and healthy lives it would be – Do NoT DrinK MiLk.:)

Stay safe,
Impossible is nothing!

Thank you all for your time,
Purav Raja

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