Chai With Raja : Episode 1 – “Davis Cup”

On the heels of “Sundays With Purav”, “Chai With Raja” talks about topics more privy to Indian Tennis. “Chai With Raja” is a 7 part series coming your way to make your next seven Sundays exciting

My open letter from Hindustan to Nur-Sultan

I understand that the recent Davis Cup tie against Pakistan had caused havoc within the Indian Tennis community. I would just like to say from my side that for me tennis is a sport for which I am a professional player. My family comes first. I am not a war veteran and I do not have the guts to be in the army. I hence request each and every one of you to not link my love for the country with a decision of not going to Pakistan. Every player’s safety comes first and each one of them have loved ones at home.

As for the politics behind this whole saga – I understand that this could have been revolutionary in terms of an Indian team visiting its neighbours for world peace – however, if a problem has not been solved in 72 years by numerous world leaders, it is unlikely that Purav Raja will solve the issue.

I do sincerely hope that we can sort out all differences and it will be a pleasure to watch and play against Pakistan in the future. I have good friends there and it’s a shame we are so close geographically and yet so far.

Unfortunately, not many of us from India have the privilege to know what is really going on in the heart of Islamabad – so we have no option but to believe the politicians and media who do not paint a rosy picture for any Indian wanting to visit these cities.

In sport, we are often faced with tough decisions and I know for the Indian players this was a very tough one. I can only stick my neck out and say that before you make any presumption on whether we love our country enough – please put yourself in our shoes and ask your family what they would have said if you as an Indian national were to go to Pakistan on 25th November 2019.

I leave these issues to people who know best as I am just a mere Tennis player trying to support myself and go from Chaiwalla to Wimbledon champion.

Thank you,
Purav Raja

The Indian team finally ended up playing Pakistan in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan – a neutral venue


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