AITA to host 25 International events of over $ 9.5 Lakhs, Junior ITF events worth 900 ITF points in next six months

The All India Tennis Association (AITA) has put together strong professional international
calendar for Mens and Ladies and will be hosting events worth over $9.5 Lakhs (Rs 8
Crores approx) and junior ITF circuit worth 900 ITF points through its affiliated units
from October 2023 to March 2024.

While the Men’s events will offer prize money of around $5.5 Lakhs (Rs.4.5 Crores) and
a consolidated total of 1087 ATP points which includes points from qualifying, first round
all the way to the finals the women’s events will offer Prize money of around $3.9 Lakhs
(Rs 3.5 Crores) apart from a consolidated total of 1415 WTA points to players which
includes points for qualifying, first round all the way to the finals.

Mr. Anil Dhupar Hon Secretary of AITA said in a statement that we have been able to put
together a strong international circuit for both our men’s and the women’s players in
India thanks to the efforts of International Tennis Federation (ITF) and various State
Associations in India.

AITA in tandem with TNTA, KSLTA and MSLTA will be organizing 3 ATP 100 Challengers
in February, along with MSLTA we will be conducting the $125 WTA event win Mumbai
from February 5, 2024, this will be biggest event in Indian Calendar This year. This will
be apart from ITF events of 15K, 25K and 40K categories, he added.
Apart from the circuit for Professional players AITA is also putting up a Strong ITF Juniors
Circuit which will be offering 900 ITF Junior points.

“I’m truly hopeful that our Indian Players will make most in terms of valuable Points
and Prize Money from the Circuit at Home”, Mr Dhupar said. Our players will get to play
in the country itself for the next six months saving huge amounts on their international
travels and playing in their home conditions, he added.

Mr. Dhupar added that AITA is thankful to Maharashtra (MSLTA) who will be totally
organizing events of over $3.8 Lakhs (Rs 3.4 crores) followed by Karnataka (KSLTA) $2.3
Lakhs(Rs 2 crores Approx) and Tamil Nadu (TNTA) $1.25 lakhs (Rs 1 Crore Approx) apart
from Madhya Pradesh (MPTA), Gujarat (GSTA), Haryana (HTA), Delhi (DLTA), Chandigarh
(CLTA) and Telangana(TSTA) for conducting these professional events for men’s and

AITA will also host 2 ITF Juniors J200 events at New Delhi and Kolkata, 2 ITF Juniors
J100 at Pune and Chandigarh, 3 ITF Juniors J60 events at Guwahati, New Delhi and
Indore and 4 ITF Juniors J30 events at Madurai, Gurugram, Dehradun and Raipur which
are worth over 900 ITF points.

With these international Tournaments, we expect many of our players to gain points
and go up in rankings. The tournaments in India will also help our international officials
too with gainful employment over the next six months.

In the Men’s category the winner of $15,000 events get 10 ATP Runners up 6 points
$25,000 winner gets 20 points runners up 12 points, ATP Challenger Tour 100 winner
gets 100 points while the runners up gets 60 points.

While in the Women’s category the winner of $15,000 events get 10 ATP Runners up 6
points $25,000 winner gets 50 points runners up 30points, $40,000 events winner gets
70 WTA points, runners up 42 Points the WTA $125K events will get 160 WTA points
while the runners up will get 95 points.

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