“Feels amazing to be back in Paris” – Rohan Bopanna

Rohan Bopanna is feeling fresh after taking a 2 week break from the ATP Tour. Having ensured a spot at the coveted ATP World Tour Finals in Turin, Italy after reaching the Shanghai final, Bopanna decided to take a much needed break.

However, he’s back in Paris now for the Rolex Paris Masters, and is looking forward to competing in one of his favorite cities in the world. In this interview, he shares his thoughts on the city, the tournament, and the rest of the season.

Q) You’ve mentioned that Paris is one of your favorite cities. How does it feel to be back?

RB – It feels amazing to be back, not only just to this city which I’ve loved for a long, long time, but also back here at the Rolex Paris Masters series here in Bercy. I’ve had some fond memories, won this event twice, once with Mahesh Bhupathi and once with Aisam Qureshi. So it’s good when you come back to an event which you have done well in the past. So yeah, it’s good to be back in Paris.

Bhupathi triumphed at the Rolex Paris Masters with Mahesh Bhupathi in 2012

Q) It’s been a great season, but also a long one. So how’s your body feeling? You’re not 25 anymore, so how do you feel physically?

RB – I feel great to be honest, especially after taking two weeks off. Once we ended up qualifying Turin after making the Shanghai final, it gave me some opportunity to take a couple of weeks off and I think that really helped to just give the mind a break, just go and do absolutely nothing and just rest at home. It made a huge difference at the end of the day and I’m good to be back here on the road and getting ready for two more events here in Paris and Turin.

Q) And speaking about Touring, you’ve made the World Tour Finals for the third time in your career. First time after 2015. How big is that according to you?

RB – It’s actually my 4th time. Once with Aisam Qureshi, once with Mahesh Bhupathi, once with Florin Mergea, and now with Ebden (laughs).

It’s extremely prestigious. It is a reflection of how well you’ve done the entire season. So very happy to have qualified. I have a bunch of people coming from India to support me and be there alongside for Turin.

Really looking forward to a new city, never been to Turin, heard some wonderful things about the city. And as we always know, food and coffee, everything is great in Italy, so I can’t complain with that.

Q) Your first match here was supposed to be sort of a marquee match with a lot of star presence, but Sinner/Wawrinka pulled out. But there’s still a possibility that you play against Djokovic. So in terms of the approach to the match, do you approach it any different way as compared to other matches that you play regularly?

RB – Novak is a great of the game. I mean I’ve been playing for 15-20 years and these guys have been around for such a long time as well. And it’s not like the first time I’m playing them. So I don’t look at it as a marquee match or anything at the end of the day. When you play Masters events like these, every match is equally tough.

We were also aware that when singles players enter, there’s a lot of pullouts which happen, so it doesn’t necessarily end up being the same draw. No mattwe who we play, Djokovic/Kecmanovic or Escobar/Nedovyesov, it’s gonna be a tough match nevertheless. When you go week in week out and I’ve played all these guys way too many times.

I’ve played Sinner as well. I agree when you end up playing for the first time against them, it feels that oh, it’s such a big thing right. But we are the seeded team here, so we’re obviously looking to do well and continuing our form this season.

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