Niki Kaliyanda Poonacha and Divij Sharan win first challenger title together : Weekly round-up for the week starting October 2

ATP Challenger Tour

3 Indians played doubles final of Alicante Challenger in Spain. All Indian pairing of Divij Sharan and Niki Kaliyanda Poonacha won their first title together after beating the paring of Jeevan Neduncheziyan and John-Patrick Smith.

Yuki Bhambri played with a new partner Austrian Philip Oswald at a challenger in France but they lost in QF.

These are results of our players on challenger tour-

At the Challenger 100 Alicante, Spain (Hard)

[R1] (3) Jeevan Nedunchezhiyan (IND) /John-Patrick Smith (AUS) d. Maximilian Neuchrist (AUT) / Vladyslav Orlov (UKR) 64 63

[R1] (4) Niki Kaliyanda Poonacha (IND) /Divij Sharan (IND) d. Svyatoslav Gulin (RUS) Lukas Pokorny (SVK) 76(4) 16 12-10

[QF] (3) Jeevan Nedunchezhiyan (IND) /John-Patrick Smith (AUS) d. Billy Harris (GBR) /Akira Santillan (AUS) 62 62

[QF] (4) Niki Kaliyanda Poonacha (IND) /Divij Sharan (IND) d. Daniel Cukierman (ISR) / Joshua Paris (GBR) 61 57 10-8

[SF] (3) Jeevan Nedunchezhiyan (IND) /John-Patrick Smith (AUS) d. Nick Chappell (USA) /Martin Damm (USA) 64 36 12-10

[F] (4) Niki Kaliyanda Poonacha (IND) /Divij Sharan (IND) d. (3) Jeevan Nedunchezhiyan (IND) /John-Patrick Smith (AUS) 63 36 10-7

At the Challenger 100 Mouilleron le kaptif, France (Hard)

[R1] Purav Raja (IND) Ramkumar Ramanathan (IND) l. Roman Jebavy (CZE) / Petr Nouza (CZE) 26 67(5)

[R1] Yuki Bhambri (IND) Philipp Oswald (AUT) d. Sander Arends (NED) / Sem Verbeek (NED) 46 76(1) 10-8

[QF] Yuki Bhambri (IND) Philipp Oswald (AUT) l. (WC) Tristan Lamasine (FRA) / Matteo Martineau (FRA) 36 75 9-11

[R1] (2) Anirudh Chandrashekhar (IND) / Vijay Sunder Prashanth (IND) l. Maximilian Marterer (GER) Daniel Masur (GER) 46 36

In Shanghai, Arjun Kadhe who has turned a doubles specialist of late did well to qualify for singles main draw of the challenger there after wins over 2 higher ranked Chinese players.

ITF Tour

On ITF tour, Sahaja Yamlapalli won the first round match Rasheeda McAdoo but lost against a top 300 American Kessler who went on to win the title.

These are results of our players on ITF Womens tour.

At the ITF W60 in Rome, Georgia, USA (Hard)

[R1] Sahaja Yamalapalli (IND,413) d. (Q) Rasheeda McAdoo (USA,632), 26 64 64

[R2] Sahaja Yamalapalli (IND,413) l. Mccartney Kessler (USA,288) 46 26

At the ITF W25 in Cairns, Australia (Hard)

[R1] Sowjanya Bavisetti  (IND,898) l. (3) Maddison Inglis (AUS, 255)  26 36

[R1] Smriti Bhasin (IND,972) l. Ivana Popovic (AUS,1146) 36 36

At the ITF W15 in Monastir, Tunisia

[R1] Tanisha Kashyap (IND,1104) d. Diana Chehoudi (TUN,NR) 61 75

[R2] Tanisha Kashyap (IND,1104) d. (8) Flavie Brugnone (FRA,815) 46 64 76(7)

[QF] Tanisha Kashyap (IND,1104) l. Marente Sijbesma (NED,1131) 62 16 36

Fenesta National Tennis Championship was played in New Delhi this week. Siddharth Vishwakarma and Shrivalli Rashmika Bhamidipaty won the mens and womens singles titles.

Rushil Khosla and Aishwarya Jadhav won under 18 boys and girls titles.

These are results of finals-

Men: Siddharth Vishwakarma d. Karan Singh 46 63 64.

Women: Shrivalli Bhamidipaty d. Vaidehi Chaudhari 64 46 76(5).

Under-18 boys: Rushil Khosla d. Samarth Sahita 63 63.

Under-18 girls: Aishwarya Jadhav d. Suhitha Maruri 63 16 63.

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