Insights into the new court flooring done at Davis Cup by Rebound Ace India

The Davis Cup tie between India and Morocco at Mini Stadium, Lucknow witnessed a special court flooring introduced by Rebound Ace.

Rebound Ace is a cushioned hardcourt court with most vibrant, quick dry and non glare surface with consistent ball speed. Centre court after the rain is testimonial to Rebound Ace technology of quick dry surface.

Installation of the courts were done using eco-friendly and solvent-free components which ensured an increased comfort performance.

The flooring was a combination of durability, definite footing and consistent bounce.

Practice court at Mini Stadium, Lucknow

The players from both the team were satisfied with how the ball played irrespective of the rain which occurred on the first day.

Court during the rain on the first day of the tie
Centre court just after the rain delay

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