Sumit Nagal posts best win of this year while making challenger QF in Italy, Sriram Balaji and Ramkumar Ramanathan make the doubles final at challenger in Spain : Weekly round-up for the week starting August 28

ATP Challenger Tour

Sumit Nagal posted his best win of the year against 112th ranked Piros which was also a nice revenge for him for his loss against the same player few months back. Sumit lost in QF against former top 40 player Pedro Martinez though.

In Spain, pair of Ramkumar Ramanathan and Sriram Balaji upset the top seeds and made it to the final.

 These are results of our players on challenger tour this week-

At Como Challenger 75, Italy (Clay)

[R1] Sumit Nagal (IND,189) d. Riccardo Bonadio (ITA,196) 64 06 76(4)

[R2] Sumit Nagal (IND,189) d. (2) Zsombor Piros (HUN,112), 63 64

[QF] Sumit Nagal (IND,189) l. (5) Pedro Martinez (ESP,132) 46 46

At Zhangjiagang Challenger 75, China (Hard)

[R1] Mukund Sasikumar (IND,361) l. (Q) Mikalai Haliak (BLR,567) 36 57

[R1] Rithvik Choudary Bollipalli (IND) / Arjun Kadhe (IND) l. Francis Casey Alcantara (PHI) /Fajing Sun (CHN) 06 36

At Mallorca Challenger 75, Spain (Hard)

[R1] (4) N.Sriram Balaji (IND) / Ramkumar Ramanathan (IND) d. Laurent Lokoli (FRA) / Alexander Ritschard (SUI) 62 62

[R1] Niki Kaliyanda Poonacha (IND) /Divij Sharan (IND) d. Rafael Giotis (GER) / Daniil Sarksian (RUS) 63 64

[QF] (4) N.Sriram Balaji (IND) / Ramkumar Ramanathan (IND) d. Tomas Barrios Vera (CHI) / Nicolas Mejia (COL) 62 75

[QF] Niki Kaliyanda Poonacha (IND) /Divij Sharan (IND) l. (3) Sander Arends (NED) / Artem Sitak (NZL) 26 46

[SF] (4) N.Sriram Balaji (IND)/ Ramkumar Ramanathan (IND) d. (1) Theo Arribage (FRA)/ Luca Sanchez (FRA), 64 64

[F] (4) N.Sriram Balaji (IND)/ Ramkumar Ramanathan (IND) l. Daniel Cukierman (ISR)/ Joshua Paris (GBR) 46 46

ITF Tour

Mens W15 and Womens W25 were played in Thailand were lots of our players played. In M15, Siddhanth Banthia made it to the QF while in W25, Sahaja Yamlapalli and Vaidehi Chaudhari made it to the second round before Vaidehi losing to top seed who went on to win the title and Sahaja losing to former top 100 player Luksika Lumkhum who has a 19-0 record in singles against Indians. Sahaja came close to breaking that streak when she served for the match at 5-3 in the second set but failed to close it out and then got thrashed in third set.

In doubles, pairing of Faisal Qamar and Ishaque Iqbal won the title upsetting second and third seeds on the way, In women, Vaidehi Chadhari and Zeel Desai reached the final before losing again to Kumkhum and her partner.

These are the results our players in Thailand this week-

At M15 at Nakhon Si Thammarat,Thailand

[R1] Siddharth Vishwakarma (IND,870) l. Sheng Tang (CHN,998), 67(4) 16
[R1] (2) Sidharth Rawat (IND,647) d. (WC) Krittin Koaykul (THA,1471), 64 62
[R1] (Q) Ishaque Eqbal (IND,1056) l. (3) Yuta Kawahashi (JPN,713), 16 36
[R1] Nitin Kumar Sinha (IND,932) l. (WC) Thanapet Chanta (THA,1377), 16 36
[R1] (Q) Siddhant Banthia (IND,1193) d. (WC) Natthasith Kunsuwan (THA,2001), 64 26 62

[R2] (Q) Siddhant Banthia (IND,1193) d. Leo Vithoontien (JPN,971), 64 06 62
[R2] (2) Sidharth Rawat (IND,647) l. Moerani Bouzige (AUS,902), 36 36

[QF] (Q) Siddhant Banthia (IND,1193) l. Yurii Dzhavakian (UKR,809) 46 26

Doubles final-

[F] Ishaque Eqbal (IND)/ Faisal Qamar (IND) d. Taisei Ichikawa (JPN)/ Yuta Kawahashi (JPN), 64 63

At W25 at Nakhon Si Thammarat,Thailand

[R1] Sahaja Yamlapalli (IND,425) d. (8) Polina Iatcenko (RUS,318) 75 61

[R1] (Q) Vaidehi Chaudhari (IND,477) d. (Q) Gozal Ainitdinova (KAZ,601), 63 63

[R2] Sahaja Yamalapalli (IND,425) l. Luksika Kumkhum (THA,437) 64 67(5) 16
[R2] (Q) Vaidehi Chaudhari (IND,477) l. (1) Anastasia Zakharova (RUS,231) 46 16


[F] Vaidehi Chaudhari (IND)/ Zeel Desai (IND) l. (2) Luksika Kumkhum (THA)/ Sohyun Park (KOR), 67(4) 06

Lot of our women players played in Baku, Axerbeijan. In doubles, Sravya Shivani Chilakalapudi  and Snehal Mane made the doubles final.

At the W15 in Baku, Azerbaijan (Hard):

[R1] Tanisha Kashyap (IND,1103) d. Ingrid Vojcinakova (SVK,1242), 64 62
[R1] (Q) Paavanii Paathak (IND,ITF-720) d. Zoziya Kardava (GEO,1117), 26 75 61
[R1] (8) Sravya Shivani Chilakalapudi (IND,1054) d. (WC) Anna Lytneva (RUS,ITF-1589), 60 62
[R1] Teja Tirunelveli (IND,1205) d. (Q) Michelle Dzjachangirova (NED, ITF-231), 64 06 64
[R1] (Q) Saumya Vig (IND, ITF-151) l. (Q) Elina Zakharova (RUS,1333), 46 64 06
[R1] Ashmitha Easwaramurthi (IND,1165) l. (4) Maria Toma (ITA,859), 16 26

[R2] (8) Sravya Shivani Chilakalapudi (IND,1054) l. (WC) Nadezda Khalturina (RUS,ITF-1011), 46 23 RET.
[R2] Tanisha Kashyap (IND,1103) l. (4) Maria Toma (ITA,859), 36 26
[R2] (Q) Paavanii Paathak (IND,ITF-720) l. (2) Evgeniya Burdina (RUS,827), 46 26
[R2] Teja Tirunelveli (IND,1205) l. (1) Polina Leykina (RUS,722), 16 57

[F] Sravya Shivani Chilakalapudi (IND)/ Snehal Mane (IND) l. Selina Atay (TUR)/ Maria Mikhailova (RUS), 62 26 [7-10]

ITF junior circuit is currently underway in India with lower level J60 and J30 events. Couple of J60 tournaments got done in Chennai and Hyderabad.

The one player who was really impressive in these 2 weeks was 14 year old Maaya Rajeshwaran Revathi who won both girls singles and doubles titles in both the weeks. Maaya did not drop even a set in these 2 weeks while singles titles. The dominance with which Maaya won her matches in these 2 weeks almost against older players is a clear indication that she is probably most talented player to emerge among girls in last few years. It will be interesting to see how she does in next year or so.

Boys singles titles were won by 16 year olds Rethin Pranav in Chennai and Sehej Singh Pawar in Hyderabad.

Mayya Rajwshwaran Revathi

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