“We weren’t bad, but not good enough to win” – Yuki Bhambri after a R1 exit at US Open

The first time pairing of Yuki Bhambri and Marcelo Demoliner lost in straight sets to seeded opponents. Bhambri reflected on the match in a short chat excerpted below:

ITD: Tough match out there. What are your thoughts about the match?

Yuki Bhambri: Played well in patches, but obviously not good enough. I think the better team won at the end of the day. We were a first time pairing, so it was interesting. I think we weren’t bad, but obviously just not good enough to win today.

ITD: I’m always curious about how some of these scratch pairings come together. Do you know him particularly well or not really?

Yuki Bhambri: I don’t, no. I think a lot of it also depends on your ranking and how you can get in with. Anyway, we’re similar ranked. But obviously I’ve seen him on the tour, and he’s had great results as well. So sometimes it’s just depending on how you feel and how your games match up – you think it’s a good pairing, and that’s how you go fir it.

ITD: Obviously you and Saketh (Myneni) have been playing a lot together. I guess the goal, say, next year is to be getting into these tournaments together?

Yuki Bhambri: I think yeah, just to keep improving. Keep doing well, obviously.  If you keep doing that then the ranking keeps going up, so yeah, it’s just easier.

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