“Most important thing is to keep believing in it till the end. Manas did that today” – Coach Luca Vanni

India`s best tennis hope Manas Dhamne moved into the main draw of the Wimbledon Boys section with 2 wins over higher ranked opponents in the qualifying draw. 

Coach Luca Vanni, a former top-100 ATP player, spoke to us on his thoughts on the two matches and on the path forward for young Manas. 

Wimbledon Boys Qualifying – Results

[Q1] Manas Dhamne (IND,78) d. (7) Vuk Radjenovic (SRB,63) 63 62

[Q2] Manas Dhamne (IND,78) d. (10) Atakan Karahan (TUR,69) 62 67(5) 10-8

Thoughts on the Q1 match vs Vuk Radjenovic (SRB, 63)

The opponent was playing on clay last week and earned his first ATP point. It would have been a confidence boosting moment for him.

Manas has been practising on grass for the past week as he had also played the ITF J300 Roehampton on Grass. He improved a lot on Grass play.

I was pleasantly impressed by the movement of Manas on Grass. As you know, Grass is not an easy surface to move on and takes time to get comfortable.

The opponent has also not played much on Grass but we took it one match at a time. Manas was really solid, did not miss much. Manas was also returning well – so it was difficult for the opponent to make any point.

Thoughts on the Q2 match vs Atakan Karahan (TUR, 69)

There was a game plan but as you saw, when the match gets tight and it goes into the super tie-break, everything changes. In the last few points, Manas was just putting the ball in play as there was too much tension in the match. 

Manas was up 6-2 5-4 40-15 but then started to think too far ahead and got tentative. But it happens. I am very proud of him for the fight he showed and how he finished the match. 

In the super tie-break, Manas was 6-8 down. Most important thing is to keep believing in it till the end. Manas did that today and it turned out good for us. 

Anything Manas should have done differently on those points when he was 6-2 5-4 40-15 up. 

Manas just started to think differently and became tentative. He missed an easy forehand on one of the points. For sure, inside out cross court forehand is not the best forte of Manas but it’s important to keep going for those shots at this age under pressure moments as that is how he will get comfortable playing them over the next few years. 

Any specific focus areas for you on Manas at the Piatti Tennis Center?

We are working on many things. It is not possible to improve all areas at one time. Manas has a very solid baseline game with backhand and forehand. He has to improve the serve a bit more, which is a work in progress.

Manas also needs to improve his net game. Many times, Manas is building the point well and has set it up to come and put it away at the net but right now Manas is not comfortable at the net.

So we have to improve the technique of the volley. 

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