Niki Poonacha on his latest run at ITF M25 New Delhi and friend and rival Digvijay Pratap Singh

Niki Poonacha has been making headlines with his doubles performance with Rithvik Choudary Bollipalli but he remains focused on his singles career as well. He is ranked in the top 10 singles in India and made it to the semifinals of the ITF M25 New Delhi before losing to Japan’s Yusuke Takahashi. Despite the loss, Poonacha’s performance was remarkable, and he proved that he is one of India’s best tennis players.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Niki Poonacha for a quick interview after his match against Takahashi. During the interview, Poonacha spoke about his latest run and how he felt after losing in the semifinals. When asked about his friend and rival, Digvijay Pratap Singh, Poonacha had nothing but praise. He also talked about his immediate goals and how he plans to achieve them.

Watch the full interview here –

The interview was conducted on Saturday, 18 March 2023, at the Delhi Lawn Tennis Association (DLTA). Vivek Parihar helped with the camera and fellow ITD Core Member Vatsal Tolasaria contributed to this interview. 

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Abhijeet Dangat is a lawyer and writer who loves playing, watching and discussing tennis. He has lived in India, France and the United Kingdom and has travelled across the world, many times witnessing sports history being made.

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