“I am happy and hopefully I can keep this performance” – Ankita Raina after her first round win at W25 Bengaluru

India’s No 1 singles player and third seed Ankita Raina had a 6-4 6-1 win over her Japanese opponent Erika Sema in the first round of $25,000 Bengaluru ITF which is played at Padukone-Dravid Centre for Sports Excellence. She will be up against another Japanese player Misaki Doi who has a career high ranking of 30 for a place in the quarter finals.

Q ) How do you feel about your performance today ?

AR : It was my first match of the tournament, so everybody take time to get use of the condition but overall I am happy and hopefully I can keep this performance.

Q ) What was the key to your victory, what do you think you did well ?

AR : I feel like I played to my strengths considering the conditions because it is covered partially , the ball goes with speed through the air also there was a bit of wind in between and I was aware of it so I stuck to my game.

Q) What will your approach be for the next round of matches ?

AR : I still has to see who my next round opponent is I am not sure if they had played there matches because some of the first round were to be played, so depending on that I will speak to my coach and have a plan for the next match.

Q ) How was your experience playing here ?

AR : I think it’s great all the players are really enjoying here, the players gym and pool I would say that the players have been taken care well. It’s a and 25K usually you don’t have all the facilities and I am really happy to see such a sports center in India.

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