“We fought our way back” ~ Yuki and Saketh after a spirited performance to reach QF at ATP 250 Dallas Open, 2023

Yuki and Saketh in action.

Excerpts from post-match interview

Thoughts on the win?


It feels good that we got into the winners circle today. The match was little bit up and down. We started well and then lost the plot in between but that’s doubles, 1 or 2 point here and there and before you realise, you’re trying to catch up. This is what happened to us.

We were in a good position to win the 1st set but then suddenly like we lost the set. Then they started playing freely by taking big swings. We should have been a little more solid but that’s tennis.

We fought our way back and played 2 tiebreaks really solid. This is a learning experience. We have to take this and use it in best way for practice and learn from it.

Yuki – you served in the 2nd set under pressure a bit with double match point down. What was your thought process then? 


Every service game, specially in doubles more, is important. We were good at the end of the match, held our nerves and really kept fighting and that’s what got us through today. We started well, but also lost our way through the first set. But then we came back and we ended well and that’s important.

ATP 500 event in Dubai is happening soon and they’ve always supported Indian players. Any plans to play there?


We hope so. We would love to be part of the tournament, but again, it depends on tournament if they give us an opportunity to play. They’ve been very supportive of Indians in the past and we hope we can be the recipients of it this time.

Yuki – you announced your retirement from Singles but you’re also playing some tour events with the protected ranking – what is going on here?


I’m not chasing a singles career. There are tournaments, especially the ATP Tour events – wherever I get an opportunity with my ranking, I will play but my focus is on doubles.

Indian American Pranav Kumar made his Tour debut in this tourney. He mentioned that he chatted with you Saketh. Could you talk a bit about seeing more and more Indian players coming out of different parts of the world.


This was the first time that I met Pranav Kumar. He’s playing for SMU and this is the first time that I’ve been on campus here. I’ve done the college route as well. It is a great stepping stone for whatever career path they take. So that’s something I spoke to him about and he just told me like where he’s from and all that.

Hopefully he does well. I don’t know what year he is in school yet, but hopefully he does well for school and finishes strong. 

Any thoughts on your upcoming match?


We would like to do well and win. That’s the biggest thing. learning and getting better. 

If if if.. there is no if ~ Rafa Nadal

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