“This is his first Grand Slam. We need to work on certain aspects which I am sure that Aryan himself has realised now” – Coach Vaidik Munshaw on Aryan Shah

Indian No. 1 and World No. 39 Aryan Shah had his first exposure on the big stage at the Australian Open Boys Singles Draw. After a tough loss to Joao Fonseca, Aryan Shah and Coach Vaidik Munshaw took time to speak to ITD on their assessment of this match

[R1] Aryan Shah (IND, 44) l. (10) Joao Fonseca (BRA, 21) 1-6 2-6

How do you review the match? 

The match was okay. I had good preparation coming into the match and so did not expect the match to go this way. The credit goes to the opponent as well – he is quite good. However, I did not stay up to the level I can. 

It is the first time for me on this stage, so I was a bit nervous but I have nothing to complain about – I have to accept it and move on. 

How are you feeling health-wise?

I am a bit unwell but being a tennis player, I cannot complain about such things. I have to face it and play on with these challenges. 

The hard truth is I did not play that well. So I will accept it and move on. 

Anything that you could have done differently?

Lot of things that I could have done differently and a lot of things to improve as well. I have to speak to my coach as well to assess this match. 

How has your training for the past two weeks in Australia been?

The training has been good. I had a good training block before the tourney as well. So I have come well prepared. 

How were the conditions – did they suit your game style?

Overall hotness and humidity was similar to India but the major issue was the wind which I had to get used to. 

This is your maiden Grand Slam – how was the whole experience?

I was excited and nervous. My singles match is finished but I have the doubles match coming up – so I will stay focused and prepare for that. 

Given this experience – any aspects that you feel you need to improve to take your game forward?

I have seen a couple of pro players and their routines over the past day to prepare for the matches. This is a major thing to work on for us Indian players. There is a lot of work on the fitness side that is needed for most of the Indian players. 

What is your schedule like for the next two months?

I am playing the Khelo India games coming up. Then I am playing the Futures in India and then headed to Europe for training and the next set of tournaments. 

Interview with Coach Vaidik Munshaw

Thoughts on the match

Aryan was pretty overawed by the occasion and nervous. I tried my best to ease the nerves by trying to make him enjoy the moment. 

This is his first Grand Slam. There are a few players who tend to get nervous, that is ok, it is all part of the learning process. 

His opponent was good and played amazing tennis. He could have done a lot of things differently which he was not able to. 

We need to work on certain aspects which I am sure that Aryan himself has realized now. There is no other workaround to hard work now. 

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