Shruti Ahlawat and Manas Dhamne reaches Career High Junior rankings

With some historic performances last week at the MSLTA-PMDTA ITF JB1 Championships, both 16 y/o Shruti and 14 y/o Manas has reached career high rankings. Other Indians including Aryan Shah and Yuvan Nandal also made huge strides at the latest ITF Junior rankings.

Shruti enters top-50, will get to play all Junior Grand Slams next year

Training with Stephen Koon at Impact Tennis Academy, Shruti showed some great mettle when she defeated Australia’s Emerson Jones in the semis last week. She has now reached the world ranking of 49 improving her previous best of 69.

14 years old Manas Dhamne makes his top 100 debut

Former UTR U12 WR #1, Manas made a huge stride of 105 spots bringing him to World ranking of 82 in the new junior rankings released yesterday. With this breakthrough Manas also ensure a spot in the Australian Open next year. This will be his debut Grand Slam. Interestingly there is no other younger player ahead of him in the rankings.

Aman Dahiya re-enters top 100, Yuvan Nandal and Aryan Shah closes in

Former U18 India’s No 1, Aman Dahiya has re-enter top 100 with a gain of 19 spots making him World No 83 in the juniors. Also runner up at ITF JB1 Pune, Aryan Shah has upped his ranking by 82 spots and is now ranked 120 in juniors. Yuvan Nandal has also gained 50 to now reach ranking of 108. Rushil Khosla is now in top 5 Indian boys with ranking of 205.

Vaishnavi Adkar and Suhitha Maruri reaches 122 and 125

Adkar sisters won the doubles title in recently concluded MSLTA-PMDTA ITF J1. This is 2nd junior title of young 14 years old Asmi Adkar. The Adkar sisters are trained by Kedar Shah and Aniket Wakankar. Vaishnavi has gained 26 spots and is now ranked 122 in juniors, just below her is Suhitha who upped 24 spots to become 125 in girls juniors.

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