“We expected Ramkumar to serve & volley but he did not and that went against him” – Viktor Durasovic on his win over Ramkumar

Norway No. 2 Viktor Durasovic spoke to Indian Tennis Daily after his big win over the Indian No. 1 Ramkumar Ramanathan with a scoreline of 61 64 to put Norway into a daunting 2-0 lead. 

Thoughts on the match. 

I played a very solid match especially in the beginning where I managed to make less errors than my opponent and served pretty well which I was quite happy with. I managed to take advantage of the 2nd serves that Ramkumar was doing and it gave me a bit of breathing space going into the 2nd set where I knew that he was going to raise his level. 

I was just happy that I managed to get that break in the 2nd set because I know he can serve really well and he has the ability to really keep the points short if he’s playing well and make you feel like you don’t have a lot of rhythm as a player.

So overall, I’m quite pleased with my performance.

Were you surprised at how easy the scoreline was?

I was, of course, expecting a really tough match. I know that he’s a player that can play really good tennis and he was ranked very high in the past. He is one of those players that can suddenly perform well. So I am a bit surprised with the scoreline but also pleased that I was able to play solid enough to keep it simple.

What was the game plan coming in?

We were expecting him to do a lot of serve & volley especially on the 1st and 2nd serves which he did at times but a lot of the times he did not. That perhaps played a bit against him because I think I showed after a while that once I was getting into the points, I was starting to pull away from him a little bit – especially on the baseline game. He upped his serving level a little bit after the first set and made it a little tougher but I think overall I did a good job in just getting that one break in the end. 

Photos from the match by Norway Tennis Federation

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