“Nothing like Indian support” – Yuki Bhambri on the home support in New York

After an unfortunate loss in the second qualifying round against Belgian Zizou Bergs at the US Open, Yuki Bhambri talks about his fitness, schedule for next few weeks and also about the Indian support at New York.

Bhambri caught up with ITD post match to share his thoughts –

Q) You had a fairly physical first round match. Given you’ve not been too used to playing multiple singles matches lately, how did your body feel coming into this second round match?

Yeah It was two matches, not bad I felt physically fine no problem. I am already looking forward to carrying on and playing for next couple of weeks and hopefully also ready for all the way to Davis cup and be ready for that.

Q) It’s been fairly hot here in New York, 30+ degrees. They say the hard courts tend to speed up in such a situation. Do you feel so? Do you think it helps your game in any way?

Hard courts do usually yes tend to speed up but it’s fine I think depending on the surfaces I just adapt to it, speed of the surface don’t really that much matter I am used to playing on all the surfaces so it doesn’t make much of a difference.

Q) There’s Indian support almost everywhere. How does it feel playing in front of desi people?

It’s always a fun to play when there is support and encouragement and New York basically has a big Indian community so yeah one of my favourite events to come here and play cause it’s always so much support it also inspires you and motivates you to continue and do better. So of course, nothing like Indian support.

Q) What does your schedule look like from here on?

I am looking to play bunch of Challengers leading up to Davis Cup, in Mallorca and Cassis probably so yeah that’s the plan.

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