Karman Kaur Thandi wins her second career ITF title, Prarthana and Anirudh-Vijay win doubles titles : Weekly round-up for the week starting June 20


Ramkumar Ramanathan and Yuki Bhambri played in Wimbledon qualifying. Both of them lost in first round of qualifying though. Yuki was unlucky to get top seed in qualies and a player in great form Bernaba Zapata Miralles who had made fourth round in French open. Yuki started well and had couple of set points in first set at 5-3 but could not covert and then got blown over by Zapata winning only 1 game thereafter. More disappointing was Ramkumar’s loss against a player who was a seed but had not played much on grass.

[Q1] Yuki Bhambri (IND,631) l. (1) Bernabe Zapata Miralles (ESP,89) 57 16

[Q1] Ramkumar Ramanathan (IND,172) l. (19) Vit Kopriva (CZE,128) 57 46

ATP Challenger Tour

Only Arjun Kadhe played on challenger tour this week and lost in quarter final.

At Oeiras 3 Challenger 80, Portugal (Clay)

[R1] (4) Arjun Kadhe (IND) / James Cerretani (USA) d. Michael Greets (BEL) / Bart Stevens (NED) 36 76(5) 10-2

[QF] (4) Arjun Kadhe (IND) / James Cerretani (USA) l. Sanjar Fayziev (KAZ) / Evgeny Karlovskiy (RUS) 36 26 5-10

ITF Tour

Good opportunity for Indian women players as 2 weeks of W25 tournaments are being played these 2 weeks in Gurugram and Karman Kaur Thandi capitalised the most as she won her second career ITF singles title. These are results of our players in Gurugram-

First round results-

(1) Diana Marcinkevica (LAT) d. Akanksha Dileep Nitture (IND) 60 64
(Q) Mansi Vadyala (USA) d. (wc) Ananyaa Bhargava (IND) 64 64
(6) Ekaterina Yashina d. (wc) Vanshika Choudhary (IND) 61 64
Saki Imamura (JPN) d. (wc) Smriti Bhasin (IND) 46 62 63
Anna Ukolova d. (Q) Nidhi Chilumula (IND) 64 60
(8) Karman Kaur Thandi (IND) d. Sahaja Yamalapalli (IND) 63 46 64
Sowjanya Bavisetti (IND) d. (Q) Elena Pridankina 26 76(6) 63
Humera Baharmus (IND) d. (wc)Mihika Yadav (IND) 26 75 63
Vaidehi Chaudhari (IND) d. (3) Ankita Raina (IND) 76(7) 63
Shrivalli Rashmikaa Bhamidipaty (IND) d. (Q) Kundali Majgaine (IND) 62 61
Punnin Kovapitukted (THA) d. Zeel Desai (IND) 46 63 76(2)
(Q) Vineetha Mummadi (IND) d. (2) Peangtarn Plipuech (THA) 16 63 ret.

Second Round

(1) Diana Marcinkevica (LAT) d. (Q)Mansi Vadyala (USA) 62 60

(8) Karman Kaur Thandi (IND) d. Sowjanya Bavisetti (IND) 63 62
Vaidehi Chaudhari (IND) d. Humera Baharmus (IND) 75 63
Shrivalli Rashmikaa Bhamidipaty (IND) d. (7) Misaki Matsuda (JPN) 62 16 64
Punnin Kovapitukted (THA) d. (Q) Vineetha Mummadi (IND) 76(4) 61

[QF] (8) Karman Kaur Thandi (IND) d. Vaidehi Chaudhari (IND) 63 64
[QF] Punnin Kovapitukted (THA) d. Shrivalli Rashmikaa Bhamidipaty (IND) 21 ret.

[SF] (8) Karman Kaur Thandi (IND,497) d. Punnin Kovapitukted(THA,699) 62 63

[F] (8) Karman Kaur Thandi (IND,497) d. Sofia Costoulas (BEL,709) 64 26 61

Prarthana Thombre won the her second title of the year as she won W25 title in Serbia.

These are her results there-

At W25 Prokupjie, Serbia (Clay)

[R1] (1) Prarthana Thombre (IND) / Zihbek Kulumbayeva (KAZ) d. Daria Lodikova (RUS) / Liusa Meyer auf der Heide (GER) 75 64
[QF] (1) Prarthana Thombre (IND) / Zihbek Kulumbayeva (KAZ) d. Ivana Jorovic (SRB) / Dejana Radanovic (SRB) walkover
[SF] (1) Prarthana Thombre (IND) / Zihbek Kulumbayeva (KAZ) d. Tllona Georgiana (ROU) / Angelica Moratelli (ITA) 61 64
[F] (1) Prarthana Thombre (IND) / Zihbek Kulumbayeva (KAZ) d. (2) Lyre Romero Gormaz (ESP) / Tara Wurth (CRO) walkover

Also pair of Anirudh Chandrashekhar and Vijay Sunder Prashanth won M25 title in Belguim as top seeds. This pair has been doing well of late but this is their first title together.

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