“I have to play point by point and stay in the present and I’m happy I could do that” – Ankita Raina after qualifying for the main draw in ITF $100K Landisville, Pennsylvania

With two consecutive wins Ankita Raina has qualified in the main draw of Koser Jeweler Tennis Challenge which is an $100K ITF Tournament in Landisville, Pennsylvania. Ankita got better of Former World No. 82 Katie Boulter of Great Britain in the final qualifying round. Katie was just a set away in defeating Aryna Sabalenka (WR 3) in Wimbledon Round 2. Ankita will also be playing doubles with Renata Zarazua of Mexico where the pair is seeded fourth.

Edik Pribitkin spoke to Ankita after the match for ITD.

[FQR] Ankita Raina d. Katie Boulter 6-4 6-1

Q) Congratulations on winning your match. You have beaten Katie Boulter before in 2019 what was your game plan going in today against her ?

I didn’t have a huge game plan. Of course I had played her before so I had an idea of her game but still that was like in 2019 So you know you have to be ready thinking that the game could have been changed or other things like that. It was just simple for me that I have to play point by point and stay in the present and I’m happy I could do that.

Q) You are playing in doubles later today and you still have to prepare for your singles main draw which starts tomorrow. How will that preparation go for later today and rest of the week?

I usually play Singles and Doubles in every tournament so I am used to that  and the important thing is to switch on & off And I think playing both the events helps me to do that. So I just focus on what’s coming next and what is in the present moment .

Q) You represented India in the Tokyo Olympics – it’s a big occasion. What does it mean to you and how was the experience?

Definitely there have been many dreams and which I am grateful I have been able to accomplish but Olympics is really huge and it is very special so just being there with the top athletes of every sport and best in the world just means so much. It reminds me of the journey and challenges I have had , my team, sponsors and the people who supported me it means a lot. So it just gives the hope that if you keep doing the work you will get there eventually.

Q) You are preparing for the US Open is that the goal here for rest of the summer?

Yes I am here for the US Open circuit so I have planned these few events before that and I like playing hard courts so I am looking forward to it.

Photos from Ankita’s Qualification Matches :

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