“I know Divij since age 14-15. To win British Tour title with him feels great” – Vijay Prashant

Divij Sharan and Vijay Prashant won the doubles title in the 4th week of the LTA’s British Tour event series being played at the National Tennis Centre in Roehampton, United Kingdom. The event was played in a Fast4 format, as opposed to the usual full sets, with eight doubles teams taking part. Results below –

Vjiay Sundar Prashanth & Divij Sharan bt Michael Shaw & Barnaby Smith 4-2 1-4 10-7
Vjiay Sundar Prashanth & Divij Sharan bt Finn Murgett & James Story 3-4 4-1 10-5
[Final] Vjiay Sundar Prashanth & Divij Sharan bt Ryan Peniston & David Stevenson 4-2, 4-1

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Divij Sharan and Vijay Prashant
Divij Sharan and Vijay Sundar Prashant with the trophy

Comments from their post match presentation below –

Presenter : Congratulations! You provided some terrific entertainment today with your style of play. You must be delighted?

Vijay Sundar Prashant – It’s always great winning tournaments, especially coming back after three months of doing nothing. Emerging victorious is always a good feeling

Presenter – You were the old boys here, given the young playing field here. But you looked light on your feet and as sharp as anybody out there!

Vijay Sundar Prashant – Yeah, we tried to stay deceptive with our age. Old by number, but young by heart and body.

Presenter – You knew each other’s games in and out. You almost knew what the other was exactly going to do next! 

Vijay Sundar Prashant – I’ve known Divij Sharan since I was 14 or 15. So we know each other’s games really well. Even though I may not have partnered him before, but I have played against him numerous times. So we know each other’s games really well. That helps a lot!

Presenter – Divij Sharan, your flair & speed around the court was superb. Your thoughts?

Divij Sharan – It was fun to play against so many young and talented players here. Grateful for the opportunity. We are stuck here, in a way, but we’re lucky to be able to play matches. Hopefully, the Tour resumes soon, and we can be back on the road

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Presenter – You don’t live in the UK, do you?

Divij Sharan – I live on the road, really, since I travel 35-40 weeks a year. I was meant to be here for a few weeks of training ahead of the clay court season. And then the event cancellation spree started, so I’ve been here ever since. My wife Samantha Murray is British, so it’s given be time to spend with her

Presenter – Your thoughts on the Fast4 format?

Divij Sharan – It’s great as it keeps doubles interesting. We’re playing three matches a day, so it would have been tough if he had to full matches(laughs)

Highlights from the matches

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