Sumit Nagal finishes as semi-finalist at Basel tournament

Sumit Nagal won five matches on the trot before losing to former top 120 player Marco Trungelliti at the Int Crossklinik Open tournament being played in Basel, Switzerland. Results from his matches are below –

[R1] Sumit Nagal beat 🇨🇭Maximilian Gatev 6-0 7-5⁣
[R2] Sumit Nagal beat 🇩🇪Paul Woerner 6-1 6-1⁣
[R3] Sumit Nagal beat 🇨🇭Gian Luca Tanner 6-0 (retd.)⁣
[R4] Sumit Nagal beat 🇨🇭Raphael Baltensperger 6-2 6-3⁣
[QF] Sumit Nagal beat 🇨🇭Marc Andrea Huesler 7-6 7-6⁣
[SF] Sumit Nagal lost to 🇦🇷Marco Trungelliti 2-6 1-6

Photos from his matches can be found below (credits – Markus Peter, Michel Kneubühl & Sara Trefzer⁣)

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