“I’m glad I was able to see this day” – Sania Mirza ; Player reactions to India’s historic Fed Cup World Group Playoffs qualification

If there ever was an ideal Women’s Day gift, this has to be it. The Indian Fed Cup Team braved out competition from 5 other Asian Women’s Tennis powerhouses to seal their place in the Fed Cup World Group Playoffs, where they will take on Latvia in Latvia on April 17-18, 2020. Reactions from the players after their humongous victory below –

The victorious Indian Fed Cup Team(Photo – Maurizio)

Sania Mirza –

Thoughts on the week

Sania : It was what the doctor ordered like they say. It couldn’t have been better to win all the matches I played good for the whole team to be in this position today. I think it’s great for women’s tennis in India. I’m so glad that I was able to see this day in my second innings. We have never been in this position. Very excited.

Memories from the 2006 Fed Cup campaign where they got close

Sania : Yeah it was very close at that point. I think Shikha [Uberoi] was playing for us at that point. We came very close but we didn’t make it. I guess it says a lot about women’s tennis. The way it’s been growing over the years in India as well and we can only move forward from here.

Last minute location change from China to Dubai

Sania : I don’t know if it helped or not as I think that you have to go and play wherever it is. It doesn’t really matter where it is or when it is. You have to show up.  Obviously being in Dubai for me, it’s my second home as well. So it was really nice to be able to stay at home and come and play a match. I felt really good. I like playing on these courts, we had enough days before the tournament started to practice together as well.

Sania Mirza in action during a match for the 2020 Fed Cup Asia/Oceania Group I in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Wednesday 4th March 2020 (Photo – Maurizio)

Ankita Raina –

Thoughts on qualification

Ankita Raina : Feels great. It’s our first time. Thanks to everyone – coach and all the team members and everyone who has been a part of this team. Thanks to everyone who came and supported us. This has been a dream. So really excited.

Physical load during the week

Ankita Raina : It was tough, but I’m glad that I could push myself through the matches. Playing doubles with Sania was great!

Ankita Raina of India and En Shuo Liang of Chinese Tapaei in action during their 4th round of match at the FedCup Finals in Dubai, UAE. March 6th 2020 (Photo – Maurizio)

Rutuja Bhosale –

Feelings after the win

Rutuja : It’s been a tough week but it’s a super proud moment for all of us. It’s never happened before and we are so excited. The girls, all of us put in our heart out here, and I think it shows.

Today’s match against the Indonesian prodigy

Rutuja : It was tough, but the team pulled through together, even though I didn’t get the 1-0. The team did great and we are all happy. 

Last minute location change from China to Dubai

Rutuja : Definitely it’s better to be here. In China, there is struggle- there is food problem. Definitely it is a plus point to be here, to be in good weather.

Rutuja Bhosale of India and Su Jeong Jang of Korea, Rep. during their 3rd round matches of the Fed Cup Finals in Dubai, UAE. March 5th 2020 (Photo – Maurizio)

Sowjanya Bavisetti –

Feeling after the win

Sowjanya : I cannot really explain how it is right now. I’m going to call myself the lucky charm. We are qualifying for the first time. I’m so happy that all the girls put in so much effort. I’m happy we got through.

Last minute location change from China to Dubai

Sowjanya : It didn’t really affect us, but I got some more time to prepare.

Sowjanya in action (Photo – Maurizio)

Riya Bhatia –

Feeling of moving into the World Group Playoffs

Riya : I’m very excited. I don’t know how to express this feeling. We created history and it’s hats off to those girls. They played so good. I did my best cheering them on. We are really happy.

Initial matches were a challenge?

Riya : Yeah it was. Every tie was a little tough, but we got through it very well.We had Sania with us. So that was where the confidence was also coming through. Every match, we just knew that we can get it.

Riya(left) and Sowjanya (Photo – Maurizio)

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