“I need to continue playing the way I am playing” – Rutuja Bhosale, after the Korea tie.

Rutuja Bhosale has been very impressive in the current edition of the Fed Cuo Asia/Oceania Group I qualifiers. She gave a tough fight against Shuai Zhang of China and battled hard to win against the veteran Akgul Ammanmuradova of Uzbekistan and Su Jeong Jang of South Korea. Here, she describes her thoughts regarding her matches to Krishna Kumar ji, team ITD.


You’ve pulled out two impressive wins after an encouraging first match. Thoughts?
Yes it was indeed great. I have played Jang earlier, but it was good to win in straight sets today. Coming from the loss in the first tie, it certainly feels good to have 2 wins and more importantly it helps India go ahead.


You’ve played long matches so far. How is the body coping?
Yes it has been tough and today morning I felt slightly sore, but I was able to recover quickly and each one has a different set of recovery, in terms of what we eat and recovery process. We are used to sleeping early, and with the late matches I am struggling especially as I am sleeping late, but I ensure I recover and am ready for the next day.

How tough is it going to be physically given there are two more days of Tennis left. How tough is this format?
We knew the format and the schedule so we all are well prepared. As I said we follow a routine to ensure we recover for the next match.


You’ll play in the next two days (Ya Yi Yang – 15yo top 50 ITF Juniors and Nugroho – 16yo top 15 ITF Juniors). What are the things you need to do right in those matches?

I need to continue playing the way I am playing and glad that I am able to win my matches which is helping the team and with Sania in the team we are pretty confident of the doubles. Yes 2 more days but we are confident.

(Interviewed by Krishna Kumar ji)



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