“It is a big adjustment playing here in Koblenz compared to Bengaluru. It was a shaky start but I am happy that I started playing better with time“ – Mukund Sasikumar after moving into R2 of the ATP Koblenz Open

Mukund Sasikumar moved to R2 of the ATP Koblenz Open Challenger in Germany with a straight set win over former Junior World No.5 Filip Cristian Jianu of Romania with a scoreline of 63 62.

Surya Raj caught up with Mukund to get his thoughts on the match and the conditions at play.

Thoughts on the match. 

I played much better than yesterday. I am getting used to the conditions with time. It was a shaky start but I am happy that I started playing better and was able to hold through the match without too many loose points. 

In your previous match, you were 4-6 4-4 0-40 down on serve and on the brink of defeat but then you won 5 points in a row. Your thoughts. 

It was a bad match tennis-wise but I am really happy that I stuck in there, didn’t lose too much hope and was trying to play the best that I could. The match could have gone either way – I am just happy that it went my way. 

Today I got a new chance and I took it. Tomorrow is another new challenge. 

Photo Credits: Koblenz Open team

You had played against Ergi Kirkin in Pune last year and won 6-0 & 6-2. This was a much closer match. What do you think was the difference?

It could have been the similar score had more of my shots gone in, like they did in Pune. I was controlling the points more often than not in both the matches. It was just that, yesterday, I missed much more. 

Any thoughts on the playing surface – is it playing faster or slower than what you anticipated?

This is my first time playing on the indoor hard in Europe. I played futures but not a challenger. So coming in, I did not have any reference point. 

Photo Credits: Koblenz Open team

You played last week in Bengaluru, a high altitude playing arena where the ball would fly in such thin air and now in Koblenz in indoor court. How big is the adjustment?

It is a big adjustment compared to Bengaluru. Indoors is comfortable to play in general. I can hit through my shots much more easily here. 

Thoughts on your next match against Lucas Miedler?

I would have to step-up my level compared to the last two matches. I know him well, he is a good friend. I am just going to go out there and play as it comes. 

Photo Credits: Koblenz Open team

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