Sundays with Purav : Episode 10 – “The Elephant In The Room”

“Sundays with Purav” is a 11 part series in collaboration with our very own, Purav Raja. Through his first hand experience of competing on the ATP Tour, Purav aims to educate Indian tennis parents, fans, and community, in general, about what our country needs to do to be called a sporting nation

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It’s easy to cover up issues and we can all sit here and say how Dipa Karmakar, Sakshi Malik and PV Sindhu saved the Rio games for India and made it memorable with a giant leap in Indian sport.

1) These are phenomenal athletes and they are tremendous achievements. However, to me, it seems like we are hiding from the root of the problem and using this as a cover up. Just throw in Sachin and a few BMWs and everyone will forget soon, seems like the attitude. Then we can look forward to 2020 and 2024, where we can maybe achieve another miracle and even just maybe sneak in a gold somewhere. Incase we haven’t realized, this is a pathetic mentality and 2020 & 2024 could very well be a zero medal Olympics if we don’t change now, as this is what we truly deserve. (Pay peanuts get monkeys)

2) If you get a business or finance degree you can get hired as a banker. If you get an MBBS you can become a doctor – if you study law you have the chance to teach law and become a lawyer. However, why is it that our very best sportsmen cannot have the chance to run sports in our country?

Trust me India – whether it’s a Mahesh Bhupathi, Bhaichung Bhutia or Abhinav Bindra, they are just as qualified as your doctors and lawyers in their respective fields and we are not giving them any power to change their respective sports. Give them a CHANCE – their knowledge is the best we have in the country, so please use it to the best of our ability.

In India we have the tools and wisdom around us – now it’s just about the right accountability and delegation. Doing our best at this moment will put us in the best spot for our next moment. If the Prime Minister doesn’t do his job, he is not retained – let’s use this example and set goals for each and every coach/minister/leader and athlete in our country, rather than hiring people for the sake of getting the job “occupied”.

Which one of us is ready to stand up and take on the entire responsibility to make sure India delivers 20 medals in Tokyo 2020 or Paris 2024? Any takers? To be great is serious – to be great in sport is A BRUTAL WAR.

Impossible is nothing 🙂 Thank you for your time!

Purav Raja

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