“I am looking at playing all the Junior Grand Slams and on the Futures circuit next year” – Dev Javia, Indian Junior No.1

Dev Javia, 17-yr old trainee from the Impact Tennis Academy, has had a solid 2019 and is on the verge of making it to the Grand Slams starting with the Australian Open. After reaching the finals at the Grade 4 event in Dubai, Dev won the title this time in Delhi. 

Dev Javia – ITF Grade 4 Delhi Singles champion. Photo credits: Kamesh Srinivasan

Jayant Chowdhary, Software Engineer – Google, caught up with Dev Javia on the sidelines in Delhi for a short interview

Your thoughts on the final. 

I returned pretty well today. I had a few breakpoint opportunities which I had missed but at the end, I had a very good return game at 3-3 in the second set which made the difference.

In the first set, you were also playing a lot of drop shots. What was going through your mind ? 

He is tall and doesn’t move as well. So I was trying to put him on the move and wrong foot him where possible. I know how he plays and it just worked tactically.

You’ve been very consistent on the Junior circuit over the last year. Final last week too. How do you think your game has evolved over the last year?

My coach and I have been focusing on doing the right things like moving in, taking the ball early and holding the court position better. It is a combination of lot of these tactical things which is making the difference. 

Dev Javia with the finalist trophy from the Grade 4 event in Dubai

You had moved to Impact Tennis Academy. Any areas on which Mr Koon and his team are working on vis-a-vis your game?

As I said, we match pretty well. He is great tactically and we are working on both the mental and tactical aspects and things are heading in the right direction. 

I usually go for training blocks of 1-2 weeks before I go for the tournaments.


You are on track to play on the big stage – i.e., the Grand Slams. How do you intend to mix your tourney schedule next year between Pro tour and Junior events?

I am looking at playing all the Junior Grand Slams and on the Futures circuit next year. So it will be a mix of Grand slams, Grade I & II events (beyond Grand Slams) and Mens futures. 

For the many followers who have not seen you play – What do you think are the strengths in your game and the areas in which you need to improve further?

I have improved a lot on coming to the net and taking the ball early. This is important considering that I will be playing the bigger players on the Pro tour where I may not be able to overpower them.

I still need to get stronger and get better at my returns. 

Can you shed light on the team around you – Your coaches, trainers, sponsors and so on.

I am sponsored by Head and Sports Authority of Gujarat – who are the main reason that I am able to travel abroad for tournaments. 

I do not have a coach traveling with me as Stephen Koon has other players under him too. 

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