DreamBig Events: UTR Challenger Series: Hyderabad September 20-22, 2019: Lakeview Tennis Academy

By Sufyan Ibrahim, 28th August, 2019.

UTR_HydTennis is an amazing game. The added elements of tremendous power, stamina for days, and sheer athletic ability are nothing short of incredible. With the recent conclusion of the Wimbledon final, what stood out was the sheer brutality of the game, along with the fact that players have to be in the best physical and mental shape to grind out each match.

For junior players, to get into the mindset that they need to be at the peak during each stage of their professional career, there is no better way than getting recruited to play with the amazing University Teams in the USA. From a “Good” player you become a “Great” player!

And how do you get to recruited to play for these University Teams in the USA? All College Teams in the USA use the Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) score as a tool to measure and recruit players to their roster. The UTR is the world’s only results– based tennis rating system that provides an accurate measurement of a player’s level – from a newbie to Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams. By getting a UTR, tennis players have a higher chance of being recruited by top U.S. University coaches, who use the rating for their roster.

Now you have the chance to become a part of the UTR revolution and get your own UTR score. DreamBig Events, a company known for running US College Camps and Showcase Events across Asia, is running the 3rd Leg of its UTR tournament series in India called the DB Challenger – UTR Tennis Series aimed at helping Indian Junior Tennis players get closer to their dreams, in Hyderabad on September 20-22, 2019 at LakeView Tennis Academy. The event aims to provide junior tennis players of all levels with level-based competitions, creating a more open and equitable playing field, while simultaneously getting rated on the Universal Tennis Rating (UTR).

The registration fee is USD $60 for the three-day tournament. The UTR Tournament is a round-robin format where each player gets to play a minimum of 3 matches. Top performers from the Boys and Girls Divisions will get a direct entry to the DreamBig Silver Series Tennis Camp. The Silver Series Tennis Camp is a four-day event which includes a two-day UTR tournament and a two-day camp with tennis coaches from top U.S. Colleges known for providing Scholarships to talented athletes. The event provides athletes with a showcase opportunity to be scouted and recruited by top U.S Universities well-known for the brand-quality and academic rigor.

“We are planning to host UTR Tournaments across India in Tier 1 cities so that it gives an opportunity to Indian junior tennis players to have a profile for College tennis in the US like any other American or European player in the world”, says Tushar, who is himself is an ex-professional tennis player and the DreamBig Events organizer. Having a UTR rating will help every Indian tennis player to get admission into top colleges in the US and also get full scholarships. UTR is the gold standard for College Tennis Recruitment. College Tennis trains you to be match sharp, balance your education and tennis, as well as offer you the opportunities to train to the best of your ability. So, for all the aspiring athletes who are looking to achieve the same, I say that college tennis is definitely a path towards it.

The DB Challenger – UTR Tennis Series is organized by DreamBig Events, a premier sports events company known for organizing exclusive sports showcase events, camps, and tours in Asia and the United States. The company runs the College Discovery Tennis Tours to the United States and College Tennis Showcase camps which are regularly held in several cities in Asia.

To register for the UTR Hyderabad Tournament log in at http://www.dreambig.events or if you have any queries reach out to Tushar (9910455602).

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