Mann Shah and Humera Sheikh bow out in the French Open Jr WC playoffs; Mann to play in Junior qualifiers

Paris, 25 May 2019

Mann Shah and Humera Sheikh, who were the winners of the Indian leg of the Roland Garros Wild Card playoffs, bowed out after losing a match each against the Brazilian and the Chinese respectively.

For the young girl from Hyderabad – Humera Sheikh, this was her first ever tournament outside of India and this clearly played a part in the result. While Humera was strong on her ground strokes, her service (especially the second serve) left a lot to be desired as it lacked variation and both her opponents would more often than not, step in much inside the baseline and hit the service return winners. This meant Humera was always on the back foot on her service games. While she was able to prevail against the Brazilian, it was a much tougher affair against the Chinese who had a solid all-court game.

Few points from Humera’s match

On the boys side – Mann Shah, who is trained by Jignesh Rawal ji from the Alexander Waske Altevol Academy, had the big game and won his match against the Chinese comfortably. Against the Brazilian, the match was close with nothing much to differentiate the two. It was the crucial double faults which costed Mann the match

  1. 5-6 : Mann served 2 double faults in the game to hand over the set
  2. 57 01 30-30: Mann served 2 double faults continuously to lose the serve

The match was pretty close till the end but the crucial breaks meant, Mann could not cross the hurdle.

Few points from Mann Shah’s match against the Brazilian

Mann will be staying back and playing next in the Roland Garros Juniors Qualifiers and after that in Kazakhstan.



TIAN Frangran – Humera BAHARMUS : 6-1 6-3

Humera BAHARMUS – Camilla BOSSI : 6-3 7-5

TIAN Frangran – Camilla BOSSI : 6-2 6-3


Mann SHAH – LI Zixuan : 6-2 6-0

Gustavo HEIDE – LI Zixuan : 6-0 6-2

Gustavo HEIDE – Mann SHAH : 7-5 6-3

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